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Syringe & Needle Stick Removal

We provide a professional needle sweeps, needle stick removal & disposal service for syringes, needle sticks, sharps, scalpels, razor blades and any other kinds of biohazard or medical waste associated with self medicating patients or illegal drug users.

Local authorities often encounter this material in bins, toilets, public areas, parks, empty properties and any number of the alleyways and other hidden places inhabited by drug users. We are aware that blood borne viruses like HIV and Hepatitis are often carried by intravenous drug users, are highly infectious and contact with them can have very serious and sometimes life threatening consequences.

Drug paraphernalia including hypodermic syringes or sharps, scalpels, razor blades and any number of other items that may cause laceration or puncture and as such potential exposure to these blood borne viruses poses a clear risk to the general public and safe removal and disposal of these is a potentially dangerous undertaking not to be taken lightly.

Our service is suitable for everyone, housing associations, letting agents, drug rehabilitation centres, landlords, the police, prison services, alongside colleges and universities. You can be assured that we have all the knowledge in the safe removal and disposal of syringes, sharps, needle sticks and other drug paraphernalia to ensure this is done correctly in full accordance with current Health & Safety, government and COSHH procedures.


If you are pricked with a discarded syringe, you could be infected with a whole host of diseases including Hepatitis C, Hepatitis B, and possibly HIV. NEVER attempt to dispose of used syringes or needle sticks yourself. Call in the professionals.

Bodily Fluids & Blood Cleanup

Bodily fluids carry a whole host of diseases and you should always call in professionals to ensure your working area is safe. Bodily fluids, including but not limited to blood, urine, vomit or human excrement can infect anyone coming into contact with them. These infections can be anything from blood borne pathogens to exposure to other illnesses like HIV or Hepatitis. This is why we always ensure that the proper precautions are taken.

When body fluids are contained in a small area and spread on walls, floors or soaked into furniture, there are special methods for removing these from porous materials or determining if an item is salvageable. We offer a fast, safe and professional service to handle bodily fluid cleanup as we possess the required knowledge, training and equipment to clean your premises safely, quickly and effectively.

Insect Control

Foremost in our insect control Armory are 'Ficam W' and Ficam D' and Coopex Smoke generators.
All are products in this area are supplied from Bayer chemicals / Killgerm UK

Ficam W and Ficam D have been employed in the Public Hygiene sector for over 20 years. Both enjoy a loyal following amongst professional pest controllers for a wide range of tasks.

Their characteristics can be summarised as follows:
Recognised quality formulations - Proven bendiocarb-based formulations
Broad spectrum insect control - Control a wide range of insect pests - and other arthropods - Non-repellent
Long lasting activity - Bendiocarb is photostable - Particulate formulations, enhance availability to insects
Acceptability in use - Biodegradable, no environmental contamination in normal use - No oil or solvent to damage surfaces - Odourless, non-staining, non-tainting and non-corrosive

We also use:

Coopex Mini smoke generators (smoke bombs) are a ready-to-use formulation designed to kill flying and crawling insects.

Animal Droppings, Accidents & Death

We can remove full or part animal carcases from:

Commercial Land
Public Land
Private Land

& Clean up and Sanitise afterwards too.

Sanitising & Disinfection

We can sanitise your:

Bin Sheds
Commercial Property
Crime Scene
Emergency Services Vehicles
Massage Parlour
Residential Property
Sun Tan Studio
...we can Sanitise anything!

With Discounts for Landlords, Care Homes, & Letting Agents

In our total sanitising solution we use formula 429 and 429 plus chemicals, the 'gold standard' used by the NHS in combating MRSA as it kills most blood borne pathogens. It is totally effective against micro-control of Paeruginosa, E-coli, S.Aureas, Enterococcus hirea, Bacillus subtillis, Asperigilus niger, Salmonella, Legionella pneumophilia and many many more.

Our total decontamination service, after an initial clean, allows us to not only meet, but to exceed the 2010 Biocide Product Directive standards against Avian flu, A/H1N1 Swine flu, MRSA, C.difficile, Listeria, Paeruginosa, E-coli, S.Aureas, Enterococcus hirea, Bacillus subtillis, Asperigilus niger, Salmonella, Legionella pneumophilia and many more.
What more, our sanitising is totally proven!

We use a 3M protein swabs to laboratory test for all bacteria's before and after sanitising. Thus totally keeping you informed in the condition of the area sanitised when we leave!

Why sanitise your property at all?

Sanitising your property can save you money, prevent illness, disruption to your life, disruption to your family's lives, and can safeguard your working or living environment against the effects of a build-up of a variety of harmful bacteria.

Sanitizing your commercial property such as a care home or nursery school can enhance your company's reputation for thorough and effective standards of hygiene. Help guard against the devastating and debilitating effects of disease that spread through communal living situations that are far too often in the news after the outbreak of disease, instead of being reported for outstanding continuing vigilance on behalf of the clients in combating bacteria and its many forms. A GOOD REPUTATION INCREASES REVENUE, AND A HEALTHY HOME IS A HAPPY ONE FOR STAFF AND CLIENTS ALIKE.

We can sanitise anything! Your home, office, care home, nursery school, minibus, cafe, scout hut..................

We use Formula429+, the industry gold standard sanitizer, used typically by the NHS in England and Wales to combat the spread of diseases like MRSA and many others.

Formula429+, if used/applied correctly kills 99.9999 % of bacteria within 15 seconds and goes on acting for up to 8 weeks. It is odourless and colourless. It takes approximately 30 - 45 minutes to sanitise a typical house thoroughly. We use '3M' protein swabs to check bacteria levels present before and after we sanitise a property, to check our effectiveness and to show you scientifically the difference in bacteria levels present.

Please call us on 01329 848737 or 07984 501822 to arrange a free site survey and bacteria level check, and any additional information you or your company require.
Service suppliers to:
Hampshire Fire & Rescue - Hampshire Constabulary - Hampshire County Council
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