Extreme Cleaning

Extreme Cleaning – deals with strange smells, vast amounts of rubbish & drug paraphernalia

We are trained and equipped to clean any property or vehicle, as are any reputable cleaning company. But that is where the similarities 99% of cleaning companies end any .

We can clear a property after years of hoarding, inattention to household cleaning or hygiene, after years of being inhabited by a person or person with mental health issues or disabilities, after sewage leaks or flood damage, after fire, after natural, violent or unnatural death. We can deal with death, with the aftermath of death, the decomposition, the smell, the insects, the body fluids whether on a surface or soaked in and imbedded in carpets and flooring.

If necessary, we cut away the carpet / flooring and make good, or call in another contractor if body fluids have seeped through a ceiling.

We had a situation this year where after a death, in the property were 684 2 litre bottles of urine, an accompanying smell, a collection of rubbish in every room near enough up to the waste and even into and around the back garden.

We cleared the house, removing everything and disposing of everything correctly, and then set about cleaning the property, even undertaking the gardening to make the house immediately ready to place on the housing market following completion of our work there on behalf of relatives.

We are fully trained, equipped and ready to undertake your clearing and cleaning needs no matter how extreme or unpleasant, and we can have someone to the location within 2 hours if within Hampshire.

Please call on 01329 848737 or 07984 501822 day or night.

If you would prefer to discuss your needs with a female member of staff, please ask for either Lynn or Marion to call you back and it will be arranged as soon as practically possible.

We are members of ‘The National Academy of Crime Scene Cleaners’ and are one of their rapid response teams covering the Hampshire area.

Just some of the areas we can help in are:

 Aftermath of Death
 Deep Kitchen Clean
 Drug Abuse
 Drug Paraphernalia
 Flood Restoration
 Fire Remediation
 Fly Tipping
 General Waste
 Hoarder Clean-up
 Hoarding, Squats & Drug Dens

 Bodily Fluids
 Carpet Cleaning
 Carpet Cleaning Services
 Deep Cleaning
 Extreme Cleaning Services

 Mental Disorder
 Mental Health Issues
 Road Traffic Accidents
 Severe Waste
 Sewage Clean-up
 Strange Stains
 Strange Smells
 Unexpected Death
 Void Properties

 Full Cleaning Services
 Sanitising Services